10 useful apps to help Kiwi small businesses get started in FY24

With FY24 officially upon us, now is a great time for small business owners to take stock and review what tools you can use to become more efficient and effective in the new year. All this so that you can spend more time on what matters most.

This is where Xero App Store included in the game. With an ecosystem of over 1,000 connected apps that you can plug into Xero, they can help you manage everything from automated invoicing and reporting to cash flow forecasting and financial services. We’ve rounded up just a few useful apps that we think can help take your business to the next level.

Create new automated workflows

Complex layers of approval processes can hold up your accounts payable and accounts receivable, no matter how big your business is. These apps help you eliminate manual workflows.

approval max It works to streamline your financial document workflows, meaning you no longer have to send multiple emails to get the green light. The auto-approval feature means you can add rules to specific workflows, ensuring they are fully automated without cumbersome signatures and review processes.

Another great option A light year, which focuses on automating purchases and payments. It automatically extracts line-by-line data from supplier invoices or purchase orders and integrates them directly into approval workflows, eliminating manual data entry. It can also communicate with the point of sale and inventory if needed.

Useful work management tools to support traditions

For those working in trades and services, such as builders, Tradification is a comprehensive job management tool that lets you process everything from supplier payments to client invoices and track cash flow.

FergusBuilt by Traditions is another great option that focuses on managing work from the workplace to the office. It integrates quoting, scheduling, invoicing, timesheets and you can track jobs using GPS.

is also Simpro – An app focused on field service management that eliminates manual data entry and duplication by transferring contacts, invoices and credits to Xero, as well as timesheets, payments and inventory..

Simplify PAYE/payroll and shift management

One of the most difficult aspects of being a small business employer is payroll – from overtime and holiday entitlement to Kiwsaver and PAYE, the requirements are complex and can be time-consuming.

next to ours Xero Payroll, there are many industry-specific applications. If you work in the agricultural sector in NZ, Agrismart is another great option for HR management and NZ specific payroll settings. It supports farmer timesheets, biometric hours, invoicing and work, NZ health and safety regulations, employee data management roster, inventory and budgets.

If you are more focused on the list, RosterElfCovering everything from staff availability, registration and Shift swaps, clock-in-out and has Wage integration Features for Xero.

Kiwi applications to support your inventory management

Whether you’re creating, storing or moving inventory, one of the main areas that can cause stress as a business scales is inventory management and logistics – this is especially important if you’re moving your business online to e-commerce platforms.

Kiwi app in full swing Offers inventory management software designed for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors in all industries, automatically tracking your inventory geographically while linking it to digital documentation such as purchase orders or sales quotes – all in one hub.

Another home application is Cin7 Core, which aims to centralize all inventory management. This means that all purchases, sales and production related to inventory are organized in one place and then synced to Xero as invoices, payments and journal entries.

Kickstart FY24 with the right apps for your business

These are just a few options available Xero App Store Helping you approach the new financial year in new ways. To make things easier, you can search for applications tailored to your needs by function, industry and collection – all to make FY24 your best (and most effective) year yet.

You can visit the Xero App Store apps.xero.com.

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