3 of the best TVs at Sam’s Club

If you’re in the market for a new TV but don’t want to drain your bank account, Sam’s Club might be a good place to buy one.

Sam’s Club offers a variety of different TVs at different prices. These include budget-friendly models that won’t leave you with a large credit card bill, as well as expensive luxury models that are sure to enhance your viewing experience.

To help you get started, check out three of the best TVs that Sam’s Club currently has to offer.

1. Samsung 65 Inch QN850-Series Neo QLED 8K Smart TV – QN65QN850CFXZA

The Samsung 65″ Class QN850 is Sam’s Club’s highest-rated TV, earning a perfect five stars among the five reviewers. Sellers describe high-quality sound quality and a picture so realistic it’s as if it’s “looking through a window.”

The TV, priced at $2,997.99 with a special $300 promotion available from July 2023, comes with 8K HDR for the clearest picture imaginable. It is also very slim and comes with a solar cell powered remote control.

Buyers interested in this TV should make sure they shop around for the best price. Samsung’s website is offering a 2022 version of the same model for $2,399.99, and Costco’s website lists it for $999.97, though it’s not available at Costco.

2. Hisense 55-inch A65H Class UHD 4K Google Smart TV – 55A65H Series

The Hisense A65H also earned a perfect five-star rating from Sam’s Club shoppers, this time with four ratings. One viewer said the TV “far exceeded my expectations,” and others praised its exceptional price and Dolby Vision.

This TV is a bargain at just $269.88 from Sam’s Club — especially since that price includes a three-year warranty. Viewers are sure to appreciate both the 4K resolution and the aforementioned Dolby Vision which results in clearer colors and sharper details. You’ll also benefit from the direct inclusion of Google TV and Chromecast so that you can easily access streaming services or even stream directly from your devices.

The price is nearly identical to the Costco Hisense 55-inch Class A65K TV, and slightly cheaper than a similar model from Best Buy at $349.99, so you can pick this up on your next visit to Sam’s and feel confident you paid a reasonable price.

3. Samsung 77 Inch S90 Series OLED 4K Smart TV – QN77S90CDFXZA

Another Samsung model is on Sam’s Club’s list of top-rated TVs, with the 77-inch Samsung S90 series TV receiving 21 five-star reviews and one four-star rating.

Viewers praised the model’s graphics, calling it “very beautiful and lively”. This isn’t a surprise since the TV is “Pantone Validated,” which means that experts at Pantone validated color to make sure the images on screen were true-to-life.

If you want to enjoy everything this TV has to offer, including OLED technology and 4K upscaling, you’ll pay the hefty $3,197.99 price at Sam’s Club. That’s just under Costco’s $3,199.99 price tag. Sam’s offers a five-year protection plan built into the TV. Costco not only offers three years of protection, but they also offer free installation.

These are some of the best TVs out there, so be sure to check them out. But, whatever TV you buy, be sure to compare prices and check ratings to find the best product at the right price for you.

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