4 ways to show your employees that you value them

It takes a dedicated team to start a business and keep it running efficiently. Most successful companies are able to do this by having knowledgeable and talented employees. But finding these employees and keeping them on your team takes more than just luck.

One of the best ways to retain your talented employees is to make sure they know how much they are appreciated. Simply thanking your employees here and there or on special occasions is not enough. A great way to remind your employees that their hard work matters and does not go unnoticed is by creating a culture of appreciation in your workplace.

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Here are 4 ways to instill a culture of appreciation in your company:

Involve your employees in the big decisions and strategic planning of the organization

Reach out to your employees to get their thoughts and ideas on the direction the company is headed. Discuss the future of the company with them and be sure to include their department or position and how it fits into it. Listen to their feedback and show appreciation for their contributions. By doing this, you show your employees that they are not only important to the success of the organization, but also to you.

Invest in your employees

Offer your employees opportunities for advancement. If you are unable to offer a promotion, help employees upgrade their skills and learn new ones. Provide training and training courses or cover the cost of education or external services. By showing that you care about their professional development, employees will feel valued and recognize that you care about their growth.

Regularly recognize employee accomplishments

Don’t wait for performance reviews or year-end events to give your employees the recognition they deserve – acknowledge their accomplishments now or then more recently. And don’t be afraid to spread the word about this employee’s accomplishments – use whatever electronic communication system you have in place to speak well about your employees and their accomplishments company-wide. Even considering creating an employee recognition program where employees can praise each other for a job well done. This can allow your fellow employees to identify the behaviors that lead to success.

Say “thank you” every day

Managers’ behavior sets the tone for the workplace. Regular thank-yous to your employees foster a more welcoming and respectful environment and help employees know they are appreciated.

By showing your employees appreciation for their hard work, you help build trust, increase productivity, reduce turnover, and improve your brand reputation – making gratitude a core value of your company culture!

Content adapted from Mammoth HR

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