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A few weeks ago, I posted an article on “How to find a prompt”. It’s not always simple, so I hope you check it out.

I believe finding the right person to be a mentor is central to a mentoring relationship. The other piece is being a good mentor. Honestly, I think a lot of people are asked to be someone’s mentor and they’re so flattered by the request that they say “Yes!” Without thinking about what’s involved (sounds familiar to anyone?).

I have compiled a list of things a good mentor should have. Use this list in two ways. First, if you’re thinking of becoming someone’s mentor, ask yourself “Can I do these things? And are they any good?”. And if you’re asking someone to be a mentor, ask the question, “Can he do these things?” And do you think they will?

  1. time management. Being a mentor means giving someone your time. You know your schedule. Do you have time to do this? Because if you don’t, it’s not fair that you say yes and then constantly reschedule or simply don’t show up.
  1. Knowledge and skills. You are asked to be a mentor for a reason. It may be due to your expertise in a particular field. Or it may depend on your work experience. Mentors should be comfortable sharing their knowledge and skills.
  1. Communicate and listen. Being a mentor means listening and sharing. This could be in person or online. This may also be done orally or in writing. It also means responding with both empathy and enthusiasm.
  1. Honesty and trust. Super mentors are people you can trust. Not only with the information the trainee shares with them but also trusted to give good feedback. One of the reasons someone looks for a mentor is because they need someone who will provide direct, honest feedback.
  1. Open and non-judgmental. Being a mentor does not mean “judging” the mentee. It’s about listening and giving feedback. It’s okay not to agree on everything. If you find that you disagree more than you agree, you may need to reconsider the purpose of the relationship. But mentoring is about creating an open dialogue.

Orientation is a great activity. Not only do you feel great sharing your experience and knowledge with others, you also get to learn a lot along the way. But this will only happen if the mentoring relationship is built on the right foundation.

Mentors come and go throughout our personal and professional lives. If you have to miss out, that’s okay. It’s better to say “Now is not a good time” or “I can say if we redefine expectations…” than to say “Yes” and not get the full benefit – to you or the trainee.

According to MentorCliq, 92% of all US Fortune 500 companies have mentorship programs and 100% of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies are in the US. Mentoring is an incredibly popular activity because it works. This is why it is worth the time to learn how to do it well.

Photo taken by Charlene Luby while exploring the streets of Seattle, Washington

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