Amazon employees leave because of a mandate to return to the office

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At least 1,000 Amazon office workers could strike next week to take a stand against the company’s divisive return-to-office mandate.

the Washington Post It reported that some Amazon workers announced on Monday that they were planning to quit the job on May 31, a week after the company’s annual meeting of shareholders.

They announced their intention to organize an exodus to their colleagues via internal communication channels such as Slack and email.

And employee organizers have reportedly used the messages to invite co-workers to join them, citing frustration with Amazon’s back-to-the-office mandate as well as recent layoffs and concern about the tech giant’s climate policies.

The company, like many other tech giants, carried out mass layoffs earlier this year, cutting thousands of jobs.

According to the Washington PostOrganizers hope that at least 1,000 employees at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters will take part in the strike.

Low spirits

A Los Angeles-based worker who plans to participate told mail That morale at the company “feels at an all-time low.”

“In face-to-face meetings with colleagues, there is a lot of uncertainty and lack of clarity on the part of the leadership,” they said. “It’s a troubling time to work at Amazon.”

An Amazon spokesperson said luck in an emailed statement on Wednesday that the company “respects the rights of our employees to express their views.”

In February, CEO Andy Jassy announced that starting in May, the company’s white-collar employees were expected to work from the office for the majority of the workweek, arguing that people were “more engaged, observant, and attuned to what’s going on” when they attended work in person.

However, many of the company’s employees seem to disagree, as the plans have been met with resistance as more than 28,000 employees have joined a Slack channel called “Remote Advocacy” and a petition has been launched to protest the internal mandate.

A small group of employees supported Jassy’s plans to return to the office, with a pro-office dissent channel also appearing on Amazon’s Slack Space shortly after the mandate was announced.

Amazon spokesperson said luck on Wednesday that the company had had a “fantastic few weeks with more employees in the office.”

“There was a good energy on campus and in urban centers like Seattle where we have a large presence,” they said. “We’ve heard this from a lot of the employees and the companies that surround our offices. As it pertains to the specific topics that this group of employees raise, we have articulated our thinking in various forums over the past few months and will continue to do so.”

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