An accountant in China squandered $677,000 for “black magic” love rituals: report

An accountant in China reportedly stole the equivalent of $700,000 from her employer to keep her estranged boyfriend’s love, spending the money on luxury goods and spiritual masters who advised her on how to perform magic ceremonies to win him back.

The South China Morning Post reported the story on Monday, citing a local news outlet called Star Video, whose stories have garnered a lot of attention on social media. The accountant, identified only by his surname Wang, was arrested in northeastern China.

She allegedly started stealing money in 2018 out of fear that her boyfriend was losing interest, and she learned about a spiritual teacher named Zhang through online fortune-telling and horoscope ads. He paid her 400,000 yuan (over $55,000).

He then found another spiritual master named Chen, who convinced him he could perform black magic rituals to win back his girlfriend’s love, and paid him another 3.89 million yuan, or more than $541,000. In total, he stole 4.88 million yuan, or more than $677,000.

Her supervisor discovered the missing funds in August last year and police arrested her and seized expensive clothes and bags believed to have been bought by the accountant, who is reportedly unrepentant.

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