Baker Hughes Stock: The Impressive Quarter Doesn’t Make It a Buy Yet (NASDAQ:BKR)

Oil pumps and diagram

by muratdeniz

Investment summary

Baker Hughes Corporation (Nasdaq: BKR) is a well-known global energy technology company operating in the oil and gas industry. The company’s diversified portfolio includes oilfield services, digital solutions, turbomachinery and process solutions, and measurement and control solutions. In the oilfield services sector, Baker

Some key highlights from the first quarter

First Quarter Results (Investor Presentation)

sectors in the company

Company Sectors (Investor Presentation)

Some highlights about dividends and buybacks

Dividends and Buybacks (Investor Show)

Some highlights from the last quarter

Earnings Highlights (Earnings Report)

Company revenue

Company Overview (Investor Presentation)

Company earnings estimates

Earnings Estimates (look for alpha)

Stock chart of the past 12 months

stock chart (look for alpha)

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