Bing Chat is coming to Chrome and Safari

Bing Chat

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Bing Chat is no longer limited to the company’s Edge browser, as people who prefer Google Chrome or Apple’s Safari can now interact with the ChatGPT-powered tool.

The expansion is not complete. Microsoft is rolling out the tool on a limited basis, which means some users may be able to access Bing Chat on some browsers, while others won’t at this time.

The experience is more comprehensive on Edge, too. Users who can access the chatbot on Chrome or Safari must be signed in to their Microsoft account and limited to 2000 characters. Conversations also reset after five queries. And since Microsoft is still interested in promoting their own products, you will be regularly encouraged to download their browser right away.

Edge users have up to 4,000 characters to define the parameters of their query. They can ask up to 30 questions before resetting the system.

Although generative AI is still a magnet for people, it is not the event it was at its inception. At the same time, the technology is less prone to headline-grabbing hallucinations, as the field has advanced and ChatGPT has updated its technology.

Skepticism about the technology has grown somewhat, too, after a report from Stanford University found that the ability of a chatbot created by OpenAI to perform certain tasks had deteriorated over time. During the study period, the researchers found that in March, GPT-4 was able to identify the number 17077 as a prime 97.6% of the times it was asked. But after three months, that accuracy dropped to 2.4%.

The researchers say the reduced accuracy may be a result of the language model’s large continual fine-tuning, which leads to unintended side effects. However, they cannot say this definitively, because OpenAI chose not to make its code open source.

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