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At SMAART Company, we have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve success and higher profitability. We take care of all of the endless paper-pushing that it takes to efficiently and seamlessly run a business – freeing business owners to take care of growing the company.

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The SMAART Team Accounting Services

#1 Best Boca Raton Accounting Firm

We are a leading accounting firm serving businesses in Boca Raton, Florida. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to helping our clients succeed in meeting their financial objectives by providing accurate and timely financial information. Our professional CPAs combine decades of experience with various skills and qualifications in examining, reviewing, analyzing, managing, advising, and problem-solving on many financial issues.

In addition, our certified public accountants can assist businesses to overcome financial challenges to maximize their potential for success. SMAART Company services include bookkeeping, tax preparation, consulting, and payroll. We leverage modern technologies with traditional expertise to help streamline operations for our clients so they can focus on their core business activities.

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“In capitalism if you are not growing, you’re shrinking”

Ray Dominguez, CEO

The SMAART Team Accounting Services

Our Business Solutions allow your business to run the SMAART way.

Our services can help your business in a range of ways:

  • Unlocking the power of accurate reports and accounting records for better business decisions
  • Integrating tax efficiency into every business decision for improved financial outcomes
  • Streamlining income tax preparations for a hassle-free experience
  • Innovative marketing strategies to boost sales and attract more customers
  • Planning for the future with effective wealth management solutions
  • Transparent transactions that offer peace of mind

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Our Services Explained

Income Tax Preparation Services In Florida

Income Tax Preparations

Income Tax Preparations for Individuals, Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts & Estates, and Non-Profit Organizations - our team of professionals leave no stone unturned.

Accounting &Amp; Bookkeeping Services In Florida

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accurate books and records are vital to the decision-making process of any business. Use our services so that you can make better decisions.

New Business Service In Florida

New Business Services

Ready to incorporate your business or side gig, limit personal liability, and increase tax efficiencies through more allowable tax credits and deductions? SMAART can help.

Existing Business Service In Florida

Existing Business Services

Payroll processing, excise tax payables, document preparations, commercial loan brokering, and part-time CFO services - just to name a handful of our extensive service suite.

Why Choose SMAART?

A Team of Accounting and Tax Professionals in Your Corner

The reason why more than 2,000 businesses trust and rely on our services is clear: They enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a job well done, experiencing growth in sales and profits, maximizing tax efficiencies, and seamless income tax preparations.

Every one of our team members has different professional skills and certifications, personal traits, and business experience – these add to our combined intelligence. Intelligence that you, as a business owner, can tap into at any time.

Increase your competitive advantage by adding a team of professional accountants, certified financial planners, registered investment advisors, IRS law practitioners, and US Tax Court counsel to your corner.

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Professional Team

Our Relationships

At SMAART Company, we service clients from all over the globe. In the United States, our team holds the necessary licenses, insurance, and experience to practice in all states and territories.

On an international level, our experience allows us to care for, complete documents and applications, prepare individual and corporate income taxes, audit and produce financial reports and records, incorporate companies and obtain the necessary licensing, act as registered agents, and offer an all-around accounting and financial services experience for a diverse multi-national clientele.

Our clients are so pleased with our services that they often recommend their friends, family, and other business associates who they believe could benefit from our accounting and bookkeeping, income tax preparations, advising, or insurance brokering services. They have also expressed a desire to serve as referrals. Want to hear about our client’s experience with us? Call them directly!

Want to make your operations more profitable? Don't know where to start? Let's have a conversation about it!

Let’s have an open and honest conversation about your business needs and our solutions    and let us figure out if we are a good match for one another. 
You are a click away from knowing if we can improve your bottom line or offer a solution to your biggest challenges.

SMAART Company works well with entrepreneurs, business owners, and go-getters who are hungry, motivated, and eager to take their business to the next level. Our accounting and bookkeeping will allow you to keep better track of your sales and expenses; our monthly financial reporting will allow you to make sound decisions; our financial, tax, and investment advising will maximize your tax efficiencies and take-home profits; our IRS law practitioners review every single income tax preparation to ensure there is no stone left unturned. SMAART Company is all it takes to optimize your business.


3 Easy Steps -> Solutions

A business owner’s life is fast-paced and hectic, with time a seemingly scarce commodity. SMAART Company has perfected an equally fast and hassle-free process of offering our solutions to new clients: your time is a valuable investment, and we do not waste it. Be it solutions for tax planning, payroll processing, income tax preparations, accounting and bookkeeping, human resource management, or registered investment advising – it’s all a fast and easy three-step process.

Make An Appointment

Make initial contact: Give us a call, send a message, an email, or visit our office.

Get Consultation

Let's talk: Meet with one of our experts, a 15 minute conversation is more than enough.

Problem Solved

Implementation: We create a custom set of solutions for your biggest challenges.

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What our Clients are Saying

Trusted Worldwide

These are but some of the testimonials that our clientele has shared. We have hundreds of reviews on Google, Thumbtack, Yelp, and other social community websites. Our clientele is so pleased with out services that they often recommend their friends, family, and business associated.

“My business was suffering greatly from a lack of organization in our operation, since working with SMAART, thanks to their financial and business advice my business profits have doubled from last year”

Juan Perez
Juan Perez

“I had my business up and running but costumers were not pouring in as I imagined. That’s when I decided to work with SMAART’s advertising services and my clientele increased out of nowhere, it has been lifesaving”

Andrew Mendez
Andrew Mendez

“I was seeing all my money go in taxes and I decided to do something about it. Thanks to SMAART’S saving strategies I’ve efficiently been able to expand my business and increase my profit while saving at the same time.”

Victor Smith
Victor Smith

“Thanks to SMAART’S tax saving strategies now my business is no longer being drowned in tax payments”

Yamila Garcia
Yamila Garcia

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