EES vs. IJS: Earnings Strategy Matches Value in Small Business Comparison (NYSEARCA:EES)

The concept of enhancing the return on investment (ROI) with the choice of the person to increase the performance of the portfolio of financial assets and improve profitability.  Enhancing capital efficiency.

Nico El Nino

(This article was co-produced with Hoya Capital Real Estate)


There is a growing variety of ETFs that cover the small-cap sector both in the US, international markets for developed and/or emerging markets, or those that cover the entire spectrum. Besides the

value vs.  market IJS IJS Charts index

S&P 600 Value Index index

index methodology methodology PDF

iShares S&P Small-Cap 600 Value ETFs IJS sectors

Small cap value stocks; compiled by the author


IJS ETF IJS Scorecard

ETF earnings EES charts segments EES

WisdomTree US SmallCap Fund; compiled by the author

EES indicator EES DVDs

EES ETF EES Scorecard

IJS vs.  eastern and southeastern United States

multiple pages; compiled by the author

Fund overlap

spy tape IJS Charts

ETF Spy Fund IJS Charts

IJT tape

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