No more surprise IRS visits


The IRS will stop making unannounced visits to taxpayers. The IRS is making the change to “reduce public confusion and enhance overall security measures for taxpayers and employees.” There are 2,300 IRS revenue officers whose duties include visiting taxpayers to resolve their account balances by collecting unpaid taxes and delinquent tax returns. There have been false claims that these officers are armed (they are not).

A fight over SALT could derail the House tax bill — but to what end? The SALT Caucus, a small group of House Republicans — who support raising or eliminating the $10,000 federal limit on the deduction for state and local taxes (SALT) — plans to vote against the tax bill that passes the Ways and Means Committee in June. While this bill restores expired business tax cuts passed under the Tax Acura and Jobs Act and repeals climate-focused tax credits passed under the Inflation Reduction Act, it does not raise the SALT cap. [the SALT cap] has democratic control. They’re not going to run out and cut taxes on the highest earners.”

Republicans want to extend the child tax to fetuses. resp. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) is leading the effort, which is being packaged as the Life Assurance Act. The plan would expand the child tax credit to include the childless. When the child is born, the parents will be able to claim the tax credit for both previous years during the parent’s pregnancy in the year of the child’s birth.

How do New Jersey cities use marijuana tax revenue? Recreational marijuana sales began in 12 New Jersey municipalities in April 2022. Ten of them have raised more than $4.6 million since then, according to a USA TODAY NETWORK analysis. The revenue paid for new firefighters in smaller towns and helped offset other costs in larger jurisdictions.

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