One of the founders of the Arbella Insurance Group celebrates its 100th anniversary

Founding partner of Arbella Insurance Group celebrates its 100th birthday | American insurance business

Frank Bellotti is a staunch advocate of public service and community engagement

One of the founders of the Arbella Insurance Group celebrates its 100th anniversary

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On May 9, a happy occasion took over the lobby of Arbella Insurance Group to celebrate the 100th birthday of its co-founder and vice chairman, Frank Pilotti (pictured right).

Hundreds of employees, well-wishers and family members have come together to celebrate Belotti on this milestone. A native of Quincy, Massachusetts, Bellotti, with more than seven decades of experience in the public sector, is an avid funder of public service and community engagement, previously serving as a state attorney general and later attorney.

Make the most of a tough market

Bellotti played a pivotal role in the formation of Arbella—a regional property and casualty insurance company serving the New England region—in the 1980s, rather than Kemper Insurance Group announcing its intention to exit the Massachusetts auto market.

“Fix and install” premium rates and high volatility in the residual market has led to tighter capacity in the region, as well as the exit of several leading national carriers. At the time, Kemper was the third-largest auto insurance writer in the state, and its withdrawal had a seismic effect on brokers and insureds alike.

Kemper proposed a $100 million plan to fund a replacement company, with Arbella—then in private practice—with John Donahue, a former assistant attorney general, to get the appropriate legislation passed to not penalize Kemper’s other insurance divisions for her exit.

As a result, Arbella was born, and has since grown into an insurance company close to $1 billion annually and one of the largest in the state.

Bellotti is still actively involved with the company as Vice Chairman and can be seen going into the office several times a week to mingle with colleagues and complete his duties.

Dedication to the people of Massachusetts

In 1962, Bellotti was elected Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts before serving three terms as the state’s attorney general, from 1975-1987.

Throughout his tenure in office, Bellotti has been honored twice by the National Association of State Attorneys. He was later awarded the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the association for his lifelong service and unwavering commitment to the attorney general community.

A very important celebration

An animated display of “Merry Christmas” resounded in the office halls during the Christmas celebration, while confetti and party hats lit up the space with techno joy.

A three-tiered cake was created by George Montelio, local pastry chef and owner of Montelios Bakery in Quincy, especially for Bellotti as a token of gratitude for his enormous contributions to the community.

In other news

In other Arbella news, the company recently appointed Robin Jones as CEO of its charitable arm, the Arbella Insurance Foundation.

Jones was succeeded by Beverly Tangvik, who retired on March 31.

With 18 years of consulting experience, Jones led an independent consulting practice that provided advisory and strategy services to a mix of nonprofits and funders. She has also served as a staff member and director on non-profit boards.

“I am delighted to welcome Robin to Arbella and to continue to build on the excellent work we have done in our communities over the past 18 years,” said Donahue, President and CEO of Arbella Insurance Group.

“During her tenure as President of the Foundation, she has overseen millions of dollars in charitable donations to several hundred different charitable organizations annually, and her influence on the Foundation’s culture cannot be underestimated.”

Responding to her appointment, Jones said: “I want to thank John and the Board of Directors for their confidence in me. I am honored and delighted to have the opportunity to work with this talented leadership team, staff and agents.

“As we look to the future, the foundation’s mission remains the same: to support nonprofits and causes that provide services to individuals in need. Together, we will continue to grow and strengthen our local communities.”

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