QBE North America Renewable Energy Procurement Head Office

QBE North America Buys Renewable Energy for Head Office | American insurance business

The initiative is part of its commitment to reach net zero by 2030

Qbe North America Renewable Energy Procurement Head Office



QBE North America has announced that, in an effort to reduce carbon emissions, it will purchase certified renewable energy through the Marblehead Municipal Light Department (MMLD) “Go Green Now!” Marblehead Program, Massachusetts, Office.

While it was initially targeted at residential customers, QBE North America is now the first commercial MMLD participant in this program. The move is part of QBE North America’s commitment to achieving net zero by 2030 for its operations.

“We started this program when an increasing number of Massachusetts residents expressed interest in being part of the solution to the climate crisis,” said Joseph Kowalek, general manager at MMLD. “So we were pleasantly surprised when we got a call from QBE North America with their interest in participating for commercial use. As the first local company to participate in the program, QBE North America is setting an example for others to follow while helping create a more sustainable future.”

The process involves purchasing renewable energy certificates, which are proof that the energy used comes from renewable sources such as wind or solar farms. By doing so, companies can effectively reduce their emissions and support projects that further promote the use of renewable energy.

The initiative in Marblehead adds to QBE North America’s existing efforts toward sustainability. The company has already purchased certified renewable energy in other states, including Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Carolina.

“We are committed to operating our business with sustainability principles in mind, and proactively reaching out to Marblehead Municipal Light to procure certified renewable energy demonstrates this commitment,” said Chris Gates, assistant vice president of commercial operations for QBE North America. “As a company, we use 100% renewable electricity and are constantly looking for new ways to further reduce our carbon footprint.”

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