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Audit and Review Services

In the subject of accounting, the phrases audit and review are sometimes used interchangeably. Although they may appear to be synonymous, “examination” and “verification” of a company’s financial accounts are two separate services that are offered by accounting firms that are members of the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) profession.

Auditing services are essential for businesses and organizations as they provide an independent and objective assessment of the company’s financial health. This helps identify potential risks or issues that must be addressed, ensure compliance with regulations and laws, and improve overall financial performance. Auditing services are typically provided by certified public accountants (CPAs) or auditing firms and can be customized to meet each client’s specific needs.

What is Auditing?

An audit is a formal, independent analysis and verification of a company’s books, records, operations, physical stock, etc. An organization’s financial information is subjected to a comprehensive review during an audit, after which an opinion is formed regarding whether or not the organization’s financial statements accurately depict its financial status and the results of its activities. It is necessary for the accounting firm that is performing the audit to know both the organization’s internal controls and the potential for fraudulent activity.

Internal audits and external audits are the two primary classifications of audits that can be performed. In contrast to the external audit, which the external auditor carries out, the internal audit is carried out by the company’s personnel.

An audit offers the highest guarantee that the financial statements do not contain any substantial errors or omissions. Audits are usually required by banks, creditors, and investors because these parties seek the assurance that is provided by the opinion of the auditor.

What are Reviews?

The term “review” refers to conducting an official financial statement analysis and making any necessary adjustments. Because it is less expensive than an audit, it is frequently regarded as appropriate for young, rapidly expanding businesses with little operating cash available. Compared to an audit, a review only offers limited assurance and has a more focused area of investigation. This does not require an inquiry into the internal control mechanisms of the company or the possibility of fraud.

In addition, the accounting records are not examined in the manner of an audit. Companies that are content with the low level of confidence provided in the report may find this alternative a workable choice. The auditor doesn’t need to comprehensively understand the organization’s internal control system, audit procedures, or the potential for fraud to carry out a review.

What is the Difference Between Audits and Reviews?


Since it is a more in-depth procedure that trained professionals to carry out, the cost of doing an audit is significantly higher than the cost of conducting a review. Review is less expensive than comprehensive analysis because it does not involve the work of trained professionals.


You will need to hire a Certified Public Accounting Firm to carry out the audit. There is no requirement that any registered firm carry out the evaluation.

Margin of error

The audit has very little margin for error and entails thorough inspection and verification as part of its process. Due to the review’s exclusive focus on overview, there is a significant possibility that it contains errors.


Audits are typically necessary for financial institutions, creditors, and investors that need confidence. A review is a good option for smaller businesses that only want a low level of assurance from the report they receive.


The analysis and confirmation of the accuracy of financial accounts and accounting records are the primary focuses of an audit. The review places a significant focus on performing an overall assessment of the accounting records.

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