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Ways to do your Income Tax Preparation

Online Filing (Recommended)
Filing your taxes has never been easier. Our seamless online filing experience is unparalleled.

Office Documents Drop Off
Drop off all your documents, we will complete your return and send them to you for approval. 

In Person Visit
Want to go over all details in person? Schedule an office visit today. 

How to receive tax refund money

Direct Deposit (Recommended)
Refund is deposited directly to your bank account by the IRS.

Check from IRS
Check mailed directly to your from the IRS.

Paper Check from Us
If you are paying for your tax preparation with your refund. We can give you a physical check in our office.

Types of Income Tax Explained

We must begin with understanding what are income taxes. Income taxes are a type of taxes that governments impose on the income generated by individuals and businesses. Taxpayers must file income tax return every year to calculate what their tax duties are.

Individual Income Tax

Individual tax preparation refers to preparing several types of tax returns, the most common of which is an individual’s income tax return. Taxes on earnings by individuals are sometimes known as personal income taxes. Wages, salaries, and other forms of individual income are subject to this taxation. Typically, this is a levy levied by the government. As a result of exemptions, deductions, and credits, most people do not have to pay taxes on 100% of their income. Some states have income tax and some don’t. Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming are some of those states without personal income tax.

To help citizens pay less in taxes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides several tax credits and deductions. Tax credit cuts income tax by giving you a bigger refund of your withholding rather than reducing your taxable income and tax rate.

Corporate Income Tax

Corporations, partnerships, independent contractors, and small enterprises all have profits subject to income taxation by the Internal Revenue Service. Corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships have different business income and expense reporting requirements. Their taxable business income is the sum that remains after subtracting their operating and capital expenses from their total business income.

Estate Income Tax

The Estate Tax is a tax levied not only on the entitlement of the deceased individual to transmit their estate to their rightful heirs and dependents at the moment of death but also on some transfers made by law as equal to testamentary disposition. This is not a tax on the owners of the property.

Do you owe money to the IRS?

SMAART is in your corner. Payment installments, penalty and interest forgiveness, debt consolidation, tax planning, and more.

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