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Starting a new business can be exciting, but it can also be daunting. There are many things to consider, from legal requirements to marketing strategies. That’s why new business services can be a valuable resource for entrepreneurs. Our new business services can provide guidance and support in business planning, financial management, branding, and more! They can connect new business owners with other resources, such as networking opportunities and funding sources. By taking advantage of new business services, entrepreneurs can increase their chances of success and avoid common pitfalls.

Lets make your business official. Have an idea? Let’s convert your ideas into a business.

As you start doing the work of transporting ideas into existence, there are steps that should be followed to ensure the path to success. Our extensive New Business Services provide all the tools necessary to bring your financial dreams to reality and secure the work you’ve done.

The SMAART Difference

The days of contacting multiple parties to get something done for your business are long gone.

Full Service Firm
One email/phone call for all your business needs

US Tax Court Practitioners, defense on your side in the US Tax Court. 

Registered Investment Advisors
We study your tax liabilities and with investment planning we can reduce tax liability and increase ROI on your money

Licensed Insurance Brokers
One stop for all insurance needs.
Auto, Home, Life, Commercial, Liability, Health, and many more insurance products. 

Human Resource
Full suit of HR services. Payroll, 401k plans, HR compliance, payroll tax, employment contracts, onboarding services, and more.

Business Funding
We already know your finances, we make the application of loans a breeze. We automatically provide all accountant letters and financial statements for Lines of Credit, Business Loans, Invoice Financing, Mortgages and more.

Areas Served

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