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Real Estate Agency

Need to buy, sell, rent, or lease a property in the Miami / South Florida area? We have you covered. Real Estate is an important part of a larger tax strategy.

SMAART being a full-service agency can guide and advise you on many ways a regular realtor cannot. We see real estate transaction from a tax efficiency and investment strategy angle.  Work with our inhouse real estate agent. We make all portions of the transaction a breeze. From coordinating your 1031 exchange to your loan mortgage applications.

Need a license or permit to operate inside the real estate property? Our team can assist with your license application and the complex process of obtaining such license. 



What is a Real Estate Agent?

A real estate agent is a trained expert who mediates deals between buyers and sellers and acts as a legal proxy for both parties during the transaction. Since real estate agents typically only receive a commission based on successful transactions, their livelihood is tied directly to their performance. Almost everywhere in the country, real estate agents must be employed by or linked with a real estate broker (either a person or a brokerage firm) with a higher level of expertise and licensure. 

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