SilverBow Stock: Strong Oil Production Growth, Growing Costs (SBOW)

Oil field site, in the evening, the oil pumps are running, the oil pump and the beautiful sunset reflected on the water


SilverBow resources (New York Stock Exchange: SBOW) achieved production expectations in the first quarter of 2023, including delivering relatively strong oil production. However, it deals with higher production costs, which has resulted in more cost guidance for the full year.

This increases SilverBow’s

He writes units dollars / unit Million dollars
oil (drums) 5,246,875 $70.25 $369
NGLs (drums) 2,974,750 $20.65 $61
natural gas [MCF] 73,000,000 $2.20 $161
hedge value $93
Total revenue $684

Million dollars
Rental operating expenses $92
transportation and processing $50
Non-income taxes $41
G&A cash $20
cash interest $60
Capital expenditures $462
Total expenses $725

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