SoFi Travel Habits Survey: Summer Spending and Saving

Summer is just around the corner, and so is the next big travel season. As millions pack their bags and budget, and SoFi Travel¹ is asking SoFi members to help make travel easier and more affordable, SoFi conducted the first-ever SoFi² Travel Habits Survey. The survey delves into SoFi members’ travel plans and budgets, as well as what inspires their travel right now.

Baggage and budgets
SoFi members big on budget when it comes to their travels. almost two-thirds SoFi members report creating a trip budget, and from those members, third Start budgeting or saving for the trip 6-8 months in advance. more than a quarter Members are required to save a full year in advance, demonstrating their commitment to getting their money right even when they travel.

With swells hitting checkbooks in the past year approx 70% of members reported that it had affected their travel plans and budgets over the past year. in addition to, 56% of members said they decided not to travel altogether due to high costs during the planning process.

Women were more likely to give up travel due to cost over the past year – 61% of women I decided not to travel due to the high costs compared to 51% of men.

Although SoFi members are savvy balancers, they know there are times to splurge. Most of the members are quite interested in showing them off Residencewith food And communications (eg flights, trains, etc.) to round out the top three.

Where in the world do SoFi members go?
This year, most members reside in the United States, but mostly head out from their home state:

1. US/domestic: 50%
2- International: 32%
3. In the country: 18%

Among those members going global, the top areas they’re going to are:

1. North America – Mexico and Canada (52%)
2- Europe (27%)
3- South America (8%)

For SoFi members heading around the world, after North America and Europe, men are more likely to visit Asia than South America.

But when it comes to out-of-state or getting out of the country, most SoFi members are most excited to kick back on a beach vacation (44%), with camping/adventure trips coming in second (21%) and road trips third (18%).

common in travel
SoFi members find inspiration to travel in a variety of places, from social to television.
When it comes to travel inspiration, members reported that the best ways they found their next destination were:

1. Word of mouth
2. Travel blogs/vlogs
3. Instagram

Plus tips from friends and travel blogs, 57% They said a TV show or movie inspired them to book a flight. Among those inspired to travel based on their favorite shows, the latest season of white lotus Drive them to book the largest number of trips, with their preferences as follows:

1. White Lotus – Italy (24%)
2. Game of Thrones – Croatia (18%)
3. Emily in Paris – France (17%)
4. Outlander – Scotland (16%)
5. Downton Abbey – England (14%)
6. Big Little Lies – Carmel, California (11%)

However, when it comes to finding inspiration from favorite shows, men and women are on different channels, and men find that game of thrones To be their top travel TV inspiration. How men vs women book flights based on their preferred programme:

Where do women travel based on TV and movies:
1. White Lotus – Italy (23%)
2. Outlander – Scotland (20%)
3. Emily in Paris – France (20%)
4. Downton Abbey – England (14%)
5. Game of Thrones – Croatia (12%)
6. Big Little Lies – Carmel, California (11%)

Where do guys travel based on TV and movies:
1. Game of Thrones – Croatia (25%)
2- White Lotus – Italy (24%)
3. Emily in Paris – France (15%)
4. Downton Abbey – England (14%)
5. Outlander – Scotland (11%)
6. Big Little Lies – Carmel, California (10%)

Interested in planning a trip this summer or beyond? SoFi is just beginning to roll out SoFi Travel powered by Expedia, which is designed to make travel planning easier and more affordable than ever — learn more about SoFi Travel here.


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2. Source: Based on a SoFi survey of the travel habits of 1,466 SoFi members from April 4-16, 2023.

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