Swiss Re, a world record rowing camber partner

Swiss Re, camber partner achieves world record rowing | American insurance business

Companies are hiring the fastest ever mixed-gender crew across the Pacific

Swiss Re, A World Record Rowing Camber Partner

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Convex Group Limited and Swiss Re set a new world record, becoming the fastest mixed-sex crew to row across the Pacific.

On board the Iron Ore, two reinsurance leaders, Theresa (Tia) Patricius, Head of Investments at Convex, and Cameron Parker, Head of P&C Structured Solutions for Continental Europe and Africa at Swiss Re, became the first reinsurance team to cruise across the Pacific. They completed the trip as part of an effort to raise money for mental health.

They completed the journey in just 34 days, 8 hours and 22 minutes. They are joined on the journey by Stewart Thompson, Swiss Re Branch Leader, and iptiQ software engineer Andrei Celovschi (Celo), who braved challenging conditions alongside their peers.

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The ride was part of “The World’s Toughest Class,” a grueling race that kicked off June 12 in Monterey, California, in which thirteen teams battled each other across 2,800 miles, aiming to be the first in their class to reach the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

In the midst of the arduous voyage, the crossing witnessed a symbolic event – the signing of a quota reinsurance contract in the central Pacific Ocean, some 1,300 nautical miles from shore. Amidst unpredictable seas, Parker and Patricius have put pen to paper, fortifying the bond between Convex and Swiss Re.

“This has been a tough but exciting journey at the end and I am very proud of my fellow crew members,” said Patricius. “Completing this race is rewarding enough, but setting a world record is amazing.”

“My vision for this class from the outset was to unite the reinsurance industry behind a project that provides a unique, fast-track opportunity for personal growth and highlights one of the greatest risks facing our industry – mental health,” Parker said.

While the team continues its mission of raising awareness of mental health, they are working towards a target of £100,000 (about $128,000) for Mind, an organization that supports mental health. To donate, click here.

Swiss Re recently announced the appointment of Ali Shahkrami as Global Head of P&C Solutions. Last month, the company released its annual SONAR report on emerging risks.

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