The 50 Most Annoying Office Language Phrases – The Wicked HR Lady

Expecting all of your co-workers to understand your terms is fair Think of the blue sky. Maybe we should Brainstorming or Project work for this reason. to move on we can Think outside the box And Make sure we all sing from the same hymn sheet. If not, we can Circle back And there is no need for that Reinvent the wheel to understand each other.

While the London poll identified the phrases our friends in the UK use, most of them appear to be the same as those we use in the US. I admit I haven’t heard “Make sure we all sing from the same hymn sheet”, but I intend to credit her to my (unpaid) side gig as music director for the church. However, that would not be the linguistic term.

Here are the phrases Brits find annoying, as reported by the Daily Mail. What should we add to it?

  1. blue sky thinking
  2. shower ideas
  3. to “do” a project
  4. to move on
  5. Brainstorming
  6. Get the ball rolling
  7. Dig down
  8. out of the loop
  9. Thinking outside the box
  10. touch rule
  11. Singing from the same hymn sheet
  12. circle back
  13. Strategic fit
  14. minimum
  15. It’s easy to get
  16. the win
  17. Play tough
  18. The best exercise
  19. on my radar
  20. seat mark
  21. Value Added
  22. To run a clue on a flagpole
  23. Results paid
  24. Due
  25. game plan
  26. Hit the ground running
  27. Customer centric
  28. No, I’m on the team
  29. Back to the drawing board
  30. Reinvent the wheel
  31. Mark the letter i and cross the letter t
  32. Action Plan
  33. Bells and whistles
  34. Move the goal
  35. Grid appeared
  36. on the same page
  37. Open door policy
  38. to “ping” an email
  39. Launch a project in the tall grass
  40. even thought joined
  41. Pick it up and run with it
  42. Streamlined
  43. close play
  44. To take an idea or project “off piste”
  45. Equal opportunities
  46. Quick win
  47. in the driving seat
  48. without thinking
  49. For the “Park” project
  50. as soon as possible

In place of one of these phrases, say what they really mean. Then you don’t risk being misunderstood by people. Although sometimes, when you don’t have anything of value to say, being misunderstood at least makes the other person think they’re the problem instead of you.

This originally appeared on Inc.

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