Triple-I Blog | 2023 Global Inclusion in Insurance event to be held in New York City

Iicf Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services
Triple-I Blog | 2023 Global Inclusion In Insurance Event To Be Held In New York City 1 Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services

Written by Loretta LAnd Vice President, Media Relations, Triple-I

The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) will host the World Insurance Inclusion Conference June 13-15 at the New York Hilton Midtown.

The first international in-person event in the conference series since the 2019 World Conference on Women in Insurance, it will bring together hundreds of insurance professionals, C-suite executives, and experts in leadership and diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI), along with sustainability, wellness, and business leaders for sessions. Dedicated to driving ideas into action and delivering actionable decisions and strategies.

What makes any conference powerful is the quality of the content and its speakers. The IICF’s Planning Committee, which changes from year to year, is made up of industry professionals who are closest to the issues of the day, and represents all areas of the United States and United Kingdom in planning. It’s an industry working together that makes this conference especially powerful.

This year’s conference will include emerging topics in leadership, personal and professional growth, the business of insurance, and the future of work.

Leadership topics include:

  • personal financingWith Jan Chatzky – Financial Editor of the Today Show for 25 years and Founder and CEO of and the FinanceFixx and InvestingFixx training programs;
  • Building the public voice of womenWith Emily Donahue, Founder/Director of WOMENSPEAK Training; And
  • Moving between generationswith Chris DeSantis, author, speaker, and podcast host on Cubicle Confidential.

Industry topics include:

  • Attract customers to the insurance offer (in a comprehensive way)With Claire Burns from Hartford.

Inclusion topics include:

  • Changing the conversation about prejudice, discrimination and privilege with brain science, with bestselling author and speaker Eric Bailey; And
  • Changing the workplace foreverwith diversity speaker, author, and consultant Michelle Silverthorne.

Other speakers include:

  • Carmen Duarte, Vice President, Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Impact, Sound Insurance Specialist Solutions; And

“The IICF is pleased to welcome such an outstanding field of speakers for the eleventh year of what was formerly the IICF Women in Insurance Conference Series,” said Elizabeth Myatt, Vice President, Program Director and Executive Director of the IICF Northeast Division. . “This event is a powerful catalyst for our industry as we bring together insurance professionals of all ages and career stages to discuss, learn and drive cash strategies.”

Iicf Pic 1 Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services
Elizabeth Myatt, Vice President, Director of Programs, and Executive Director of IICF’s Northeast Division

Myatt, who has led the conference since its inception, noted that it was her favorite part of the job. “It was great to see the evolution of the conference series,” she said. “It’s not just about gender – it’s all kinds of diversity, leadership and innovation, which is the work of the industry itself, which made it so valuable and meaningful to attend.”

Myatt understands the importance of DEI development, which should be an integral part of everything in the business, and everyone needs to see the shared value. She said this year’s congressional report outlined some of the ways the insurance industry has been impacted.

“There has been progress in gender diversity and for African Americans, although we haven’t made as much progress within the Hispanic community as we would like,” she said. “Through our conferences and IDEA Council development of the IICF Talent Hub – an online resource center for non-traditional job seekers to learn about insurance industry careers and job opportunities – and the Mentoring Coalition, which will prepare, inspire and empower diverse talent by pairing them with role models and allies from leading companies in Across the industry, we’re starting to see results.”

Myatt said the theme for the last four years of the World Congress has been driving ideas into action.

“We want to provide tools, as well as new thinking. We don’t want the ideas shared here to linger in the room,” she said. “We plan to arm our audience with ways to make change, whether that be personal, professional or cultural.”

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