Twitter limits the number of unverified direct messages users can see

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The social media company limits the number of direct messages unverified members will be allowed to send per day Announce in a tweet late last week. “We will soon be implementing some changes in our efforts to reduce spam in Direct Messages,” the company wrote. “Unverified accounts will have a daily limit on the number of Direct Messages they can send. Sign up today to send more messages.”

The company did not say how many messages non-Twitter Blue members can send. In response to the luck For clarification, the company responded with its new automatic response to all media questions: “We’ll get back to you shortly,” which replaced its default emoji emoji.

Twitter, in other posts, implied that the move was designed to limit spam to users’ inboxes. Last week, he wrote that when users were given the option to limit their inbox only to verified users and people they follow, it led to 70% reduction in spam compared to the previous week.

However, this move is just the latest restrictions Twitter has imposed on accounts that haven’t signed up for Twitter Blue. Earlier this month, for example, users saw new rate limits placed on the number of tweets they could view per day.

Twitter/X’s string of changes comes after Elon Musk he tweeted earlier this month That the company continues to experience negative cash flows, due to a nearly 50% drop in advertising revenue, as well as the company’s debt burden.

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