Why we’re making changes to Xero Search

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be releasing some Changes to the search function in Xero. The functionality will remain the same, but you will notice that it looks a little different.

Like many of the changes we’ve made to our platform recently, this is part of our commitment.Build on the beautiful‘ — which is about constantly making changes to Xero so we can stay ahead of the latest technologies, standards and ways of working in your business or practice.

Until we update our technology, we won’t be able to provide you with the features we know you want, such as finding more fields and products on our platform, easily scanning results to find what you need, and using the search function on every page. .

This update is an important step closer to us starting to deliver the features you’ve been asking for. Here’s an overview of the changes you’ll soon see in Xero (no search changes to the Xero accounting app).

  • Search and filter: We’ve updated the search bar and filter icon with the new design that’s been rolling out across Xero
  • Filter drop-down menu: We added an “All” option to the filters based on your feedback. The filter no longer includes employees as it requires some elements of Xero Payroll to be updated. This is something we are working on and hope to resolve soon. You can still search for employees in Xero Payroll as you normally would
  • Drop down list of search results: We’re updating the search results drop-down menu and introducing the ability to expand the search results to show more than one result in the drop-down menu
  • Create a new invoice: You must click “Create new invoice” instead of “Add new” if you want to create an invoice from the search results. This also applies to the creation of new invoices, contacts, purchase orders and quotations
  • Results page: The “View All Results” page is renamed “Show All Results”. The information on the page will be the same, but the table format will be separated into columns, so it will be easier to scan and find what you need.
  • No results found: We’ll explain when your search query is loaded and give you ideas for what to look for if your search results aren’t found

When these changes are made to the global search, they will also be available in the new invoice. So if you are still using the classic invoice and using the search function, You can now proceed to the new invoice and access to these and other features.

Thank you for your patience and we hope these changes give you a better experience. Don’t forget to share yours Xero Product Ideas And we’ll keep them in mind as we work on this update and start planning all the exciting features we’ll bring when it’s finished.

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