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Why does SMAART Exist?

Small Business Owners have a lot on their plate. Too much actually. Often working too many days, working too many long hours, and wearing nearly all the “hats” of the organization. Small Business Owners more often than not are the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Operations Officer, the clerk, the accountant, and the human resource specialist… Something has to give. As the leader in your organization, your main job is to create leads and close sales. That’s it – making money is your primary objective.

At SMAART Company, we want to help you succeed by giving you more time to focus on that primary objective. We will take the paper-pushing and mundane tasks off your hands, freeing you up to do what you do best – and what you got into business for. We are specialists at Small Business Bookkeeping, Payroll Processing, Sales Tax Payables, Income Tax Filings for both individuals and corporations, as well as Document Preparations that aim at making your business run more smoothly.

“Let us help YOU in the transition; from working IN your business to working ON your business.”

Ray Dominguez, CEO

You are our Mission

Our mission is to aid small businesses achieve higher profitability and higher tax efficiencies by providing small business owners like you with the freedom to pursue more leads, close more deals, and ultimately increase sales. In addition to giving you the time to focus on these areas, you will also have the knowledge to make better decisions based on actionable monthly financial reports; with a team of accounting and tax professionals that will uncover every tax exclusion, exemption, and/or deduction for which you qualify.

SMAART stands for Solutions for small businesses, Management/Marketing, Accounting, Advising, Retirement Planning, and Tax Preparations.

SMAART, at its core, aims to give FREEDOM back to Small Business Owners over-burdened by the many roles they play inside of the business they created. Freedom from small business accounting and bookkeeping; freedom from the timely production of monthly financial reports; freedom from payroll processing; freedom from all of the administrative and mundane tasks that are associated with keeping a business active and compliant with all of the governing bodies.

SMAART provides small business owners with the peace of mind that comes with a job well done – all of our services are paid for directly by the tax savings that our services produce.

SMAART Executive Team
Miami'S Best Irs Defense Ustcp And Accountant

Ray Dominguez

Professional Accountant
IRS Law Practitioner (EA)
US Tax Court Practitioner (USTCP)
Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)
Insurance Broker (2-20, 2-15)
Commercial Loan Broker
Published Business Author

Miami'S Best Business Automation And Consultant

Gus Gonzalez

Chief Operating Officer
Business Consultant
Financial Analyst
Investment Advisor
Financial Planner

Daileny 2 Scaled Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services

Daileny Carbonell

Professional Accountant
HR & Payroll Specialist
Income Tax Pro
Notary Public
Tax Analyst

Florida'S Best Accountant And Tax Consultant

Anthony Gonzalez

Professional Accountant
Financial Analyst
Commercial Loan Broker
Business Consultant
Income Tax Pro
Notary Public

Annisel Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services

Annisel Diaz

Professional Accountant
Financial Analyst
Payroll Specialist

South Florida, Miami Notary Public And Hr Assistant

Xiomara Pupo

Administrative Assistant
Human Resource Specialist
Marketing Specialist
Notary Public

Hansel Portrait Smmart Web Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services

Hansel De Haro

Web Developer
Graphic Designer

Daniel Corcega Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel Corcega

Chief Marketing Officer

Jennifer Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services

Jennifer De La Vega

Public Relations Coordinator
Marketing Director
Social Media Manager

Kathy Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services

Kathy Barrios

Human Resource Director
Payroll Specialist
Benefits Specialist

Leo 2 Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services

Leonardo Dominguez


Ania Diaz Income Tax Professional

Ania Diaz

Income Tax Pro
Tax Analyst


Albert Amarente

Albert Amarente

CSR Supervisor
Order Desk

Vision & Mission

Providing clients with a hassle-free process of delegating to us their most time-consuming and unproductive business challenges, such as: accounting and bookkeeping, human resource management, financial officer activities, commercial loan brokering, insurance brokering, and much more.

Awards & Recognition

- Honorary Member of the prestigious Professional Accountants Association (2018)
- Member of the prestigious National Association of Enrolled Agents (2021)
- Accounting Firm of the Year (2021)
- Marquis List Who’s Who in America (2022)
- IRS Law Practitioner (EA, 2018)
- US Tax Court Practitioner (USTCP, 2022)

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Client Testimonials

SMAART Company is Trusted Worldwide

The SMAART team is able to work, because of their certifications and licenses, throughout the entire continental United States and all of its territories. Due to the immense experience and combined intelligence, SMAART services an international clientele with many complex income tax preparations, financial reporting and auditing, and document preparations.

“My business was suffering greatly from a lack of organization in our operation, since working with SMAART, thanks to their financial and business advice my business profits have doubled from last year”

Juan Perez
Juan Perez

“I had my business up and running but costumers were not pouring in as I imagined. That’s when I decided to work with SMAART’s advertising services and my clientele increased out of nowhere, it has been lifesaving”

Andrew Mendez
Andrew Mendez

“I was seeing all my money go in taxes and I decided to do something about it. Thanks to SMAART’S saving strategies I’ve efficiently been able to expand my business and increase my profit while saving at the same time.”

Victor Smith
Victor Smith

“Thanks to SMAART’S tax saving strategies now my business is no longer being drowned in tax payments”

Yamila Garcia
Yamila Garcia

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