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Income Tax Services

The majority of the taxes we pay is on the income we make, that should illustrate the importance of filing them using the most tax efficient strategy available. With a wide variety of services, here at SMAART, we aim to create the best outcome possible for our clients, creating tax savings and most importantly providing them with incomparable piece of mind. 

Tax Tools
Smaart Company Authorized Irs E-File Provider
Smaart Company Enrolled Agents

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accurate books and records are vital to the decision making process of any business. Use our services so that you can make better decisions.
Keeping track of finances can be hard when you are focused on pushing your business forward. However, with our services we can make this process hassle-free. Not only will you be more aware of where your business is financially and gain knowledge for more educated decisions, but will be able to create tax savings through both our accounting and bookkeeping services.

Industry Specific Accounting:
Bookkeeping Cover Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services Smaart Company Accounting, Tax, &Amp; Insurance Services
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New Business Services

Ready to incorporate your side gig or hobby that you have been making money on? Ready to start saving money on taxes?
Incorporating your business has way too many benefits for you to pass on the opportunity. Financial organization, Credibility and Tax Savings are just a few of them. Are you ready to take the venture that you’ve been pursuing to the next level? Start now and create a company.

Existing Business Services

Growing your business while keeping track of all the never-ending paper duties is not easy. Forgetting to renew a company is a costly and common mistake between business owners. If you don’t want to pay penalties or worst, have your company inactive, you should let SMAART handle all of it and stay focused on what matters the most, your growth.

Tax Planning Services

We take into consideration your business sales, investment, purchases, sales, and all your financial transactions to make a tax strategy that will ensure you pay the lowest amount of taxes possible.

Smaart Company Us Tax Court Practitioner

Financial Planning Services

To live a peaceful life, we must have our finances in order. With the experience of the SMAART team and your financial goals we can formulate a plan, so we ensure that financial freedom and generational wealth are a doorstep away. Taking all assets, investments, insurances, tax strategies and retirement goals into consideration to create a plan tailored-fit for you. Let’s start now!

Insurance Services

Protecting everything you’ve worked for is of extreme importance. We will provide you with guidance to find all options available to protect everything from your home and health to your business and automobile. If you also need the affordable care act, then you have found the right place to start. Let’s do it!

HR Services (Human Resources)

With all the time it takes to run your business it’s hard to keep track of the policies and compliances a company must have. To stay protected from employee’s liabilities let SMAART take care of all HR policies. Employment Agreements and payroll and just a couple of all the services we can provide to ensure the foundation of your company is as strong as it can be.

Business Consulting Services

We help companies thrive in the digital age and optimize their operations for maximum efficiency. Our team of experienced consultants specializes in automations, digital transformation, software implementation, and more, providing tailored solutions to drive your business forward.

At SMAART we pride ourselves on delivering measurable results. Our consultants work collaboratively with your team, providing hands-on support, training, and guidance to ensure successful adoption and utilization of new technologies. We measure our success by the tangible improvements achieved, be it increased operational efficiency, reduced costs, accelerated growth, or enhanced customer satisfaction.

Real Estate

Unwind from the real estate rat race. Leverage SMAART Company’s seasoned expertise to navigate the market with confidence. Whether buying, selling, or investing, our dedicated team provides seamless transactions, strategic guidance, and relentless advocacy. Experience stress-free closings, maximized returns, and a smooth path to your property goals. Leave the complexities to us, focus on your dreams.

Property Management

Elevate your community, empower your board, and reclaim your free time. SMAART Company delivers comprehensive HOA and property management solutions, expertly crafted to address every facet of your community. Let our seasoned professionals handle the complexities, while you enjoy a thriving neighborhood, transparent finances, and seamless resident interactions. Invest in your peace of mind and the future of your association.

Other Services

Our goal at SMAART is to create the place where all your financial problems can be solved. That’s why our services do not stop expanding and improving. Whatever problem you may have we are doing everything possible to have the solution in store for you, give us a call and let’s get rid of that financial headache you’ve been having.


We Are Trusted in Over 16+ Countries Worldwide

Our ability to provide solutions in any environment presented is one of the skills that makes SMAART one of the most versatile companies in the market.

“My business was suffering greatly from a lack of organization in our operation, since working with SMAART, thanks to their financial and business advice my business profits have doubled from last year”

Juan Perez
Juan Perez

“I had my business up and running but costumers were not pouring in as I imagined. That’s when I decided to work with SMAART’s advertising services and my clientele increased out of nowhere, it has been lifesaving”

Andrew Mendez
Andrew Mendez

“I was seeing all my money go in taxes and I decided to do something about it. Thanks to SMAART’S saving strategies I’ve efficiently been able to expand my business and increase my profit while saving at the same time.”

Victor Smith
Victor Smith

“Thanks to SMAART’S tax saving strategies now my business is no longer being drowned in tax payments”

Yamila Garcia
Yamila Garcia

Our Process

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Our fast and hassle-free process creates the perfect guide to solve all your financial problems.

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Meet with our experts at SMAART so we can find the service you’ve been looking for.

Problem Solved

The journey of financial efficiency begins for you, including all of the benefits of working SMAART.

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