This company will give away 500,000 55-inch 4K TVs for free. Here’s the catch

the main points

  • Telly will deliver 500,000 55-inch dual-screen TVs.
  • A dual screen TV will have a second, smaller screen that will display ads.
  • Before you sign up for free Telly TV, make sure you feel comfortable with the business model.

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Having a big screen TV in your living room to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and sports teams playing is ideal – especially if you like to be entertained. But saving money for a brand new TV can take some time. Unless, of course, you can get one for free. You now have this option. One company offers 500,000 55-inch 4K TVs at no cost. But there’s a catch: Each TV features a second, smaller screen that constantly displays ads. Should you get one?

Introducing Telly, TV powered by ads

Pluto TV co-founder Ilya Buzyn is bringing free TVs to homes in the United States through Telly. The company developed the first dual-screen smart TV. Viewers can enjoy their favorite shows and movies on the 55-inch 4K HDR screen with a premium soundbar built in. A second, smaller screen located below the main screen will display advertisements from brands.

Telly TVs will have a voice assistant and a built-in webcam that can be used for video calls. Viewers also have access to free built-in games and fitness demos. Telly viewers can watch just about anything on their TV sets. You can connect to your cable or satellite TV provider, use your favorite streaming apps, or connect to a device through one of the three HDMI ports. Each TV will ship with a 4K Android TV streaming stick.

Since brands pay for their advertising, televisions will be completely free for consumers. Consumers will be asked questions about their household to improve their advertising experience during the sign-up process. Those interested can book free TV at

Should you get a Telly TV?

Who wouldn’t want free TV? While it may be a win for your checking account, you will be marketed when you use your new TV. To get free Telly TV, you must be comfortable with constantly displaying ads and sharing your data with Telly and its advertisers. While many of us face multiple ads per day, Telly TVs will constantly display ads on the second screen. With that in mind, some may feel uncomfortable getting free TV through Telly.

Do this if you want to avoid ads

If you don’t like watching static ads while watching TV, you might want to skip this free TV offer. There is another way to upgrade your TV without going into credit card debt. Open a high yield savings account and take your time saving time for a brand new TV. As you save, you’ll earn interest on your contributions, helping you boost your bank account balance.

If you struggle to save regularly, we recommend automating your savings. You can set up automatic transfers from your checking account to your savings account through your bank’s mobile app or website. You can save time and feel less overwhelmed by doing this. Plus, you’ll feel more confident knowing you won’t forget to save.

Do you want to get a TV at an affordable price? Look for deals. Some shoppers are waiting for money-saving events like Amazon Prime Day to buy new technology. If you plan your next purchase accordingly, you can get a great deal on a new TV. You may want to use cashback apps to earn cash back on your spending. Before buying an expensive product such as a television, always consider how your purchase will affect your personal finances.

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